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Dolls Maker

“I am Doumdim Piesse and I am so happy to have become a member of The British Toy Makers Guild. I feel greatly encouraged as I re-launch my career as an art doll maker in Dartmouth, Devon.”

I was born and raised in Thailand.  My mother was a dressmaker and I was soon following suit, making dresses for my dolls, and then rag dolls of my own, cutting up my bed sheets to do so.  I also love drawing as a child and, when I had to choose a career, influenced my decision to train as an architect and master degree. 

But that proved to be not for me.

I came to England, married my husband Graeme, helping him in his hotel business whilst continuing to develop my crafting skills.  In 2017 I decided,

I should have the chance to realise my dream: to become a doll maker.  Graeme set up a wine bar in Dartmouth and I began creating my hand made dolls.  Both businesses are in their infancy, but we are determined to make them work and have made some wonderful new friends and good home for a daughter Lilly.   We are full of hope for the future.  


The dolls have bodies made of fabric and felt stuffed with grade polyester.  I give them painted faces and dress them as their characters suggest. I never know what the making process has in store for me and am always surprised by the outcome.  Each doll is a unique work of love and my hope is always to find them owners who will love them just as much as I do.

“I love each and every one of the dolls I make and struggle to let them go.  But they each carry their own unique certificate and my promise to be there for them always, should they ever need me.



why fabric?

The fabric are soft materials and no need to worry when you spend time with them, they will not break!, the  pattern, the texture always make me want to make more and more

How to order personal dolls?

I need the photo of full front face look  then feel free to contact me to discuss what’s you want your dolls to be, How’s big? How’s to dress? How much you will spend. After payment I need 3-7 days to finish the doll.

Are your dolls for children?

My dolls are not for children as they are art dolls for decorating 



I'm running The Shambles Workshop in Dartmouth, that combines as the crafts and arts shop with Wine bar in the Conner, we serve herbal, English tea and delicious coffee.

​please, keep your eyes on our events 

Payment and Shipping 

After you make your payment I need 3-4 working day.

Shipping with Royal Mail.

- Free delivery in the UK. 
- International post Up to £ 33.20


What’s service after sell?

The dolls made by me!, so if you have any problem with your dolls I will try my best to make them better as possible I can


also I’m running “Dolly & Teddy Hospital “

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