John Carver


No. 1/400

Collector's Edition 400th Anniversary.

He is Handmade and painted on felt, filling with fibre polyester stuffing, standing 19.50 Cm. tall

John Carver

  • The Mayflower Passenger and Fist Governor of Plymouth Settlement

    Birth : September 1576, Death : April 1621, son of James and Catherine Carver, make him about 44 years old on the Mayflower.

    First Marriage: Marie (de Lanny) (Infant daughter)

    Second Marriage: Katherine (Leggett) (Infant son)

    He came on Mayflower with his wife Katherine (2/400) and another 6 Servants, Desire Minter (3/400), Dorothy (4/400), Roger Wilder (5/400), John Howland (6/400), William Latham (7/400),Jasper More (8/400)

  • The Pilgrims were the English early settlers of the Plymouth Colony, witch is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, The Mayflower was an English ship that transported the pilgrims from Plymouth, England to the New World in 1620

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